Friday, August 5, 2011

Aug. 13th Meeting for RiversideYoungWriters!!!!!!!

     I've missed you all--I have secured a guest speaker to talk about song writing--I'm excited--come see me I miss you all. Dust off your songs--and bring them with you.
     I received the following message from our guest speaker--Feel free to point the teens to this example of some WORKING outreach I did in Orange a few years back.  The 9ONE1 to 4ONE1 track is available on i-Tunes and Amazon but here's a link to the video.   I was tapping into my rock days, as you can see  : )
In lieu of payment, maybe you can enourage buying the cheap downloads at Amazon and hitting the youTube site to drum up interest.
Good for the guys that are now heading to college.   ; )     I won't see any money but they might.......
Thanks much!
Best regards,
Michelle O'Hearn
(aka MiCKi)
I'm REALY excited!!!!! I'll see you there. Mrs. F (with snacks!)


  1. Was "drum up interest" an intentional pun?

  2. Gosh darnit, I will be at the beach on that day, super sorries :/