Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Calm Seas

Anger never fixed anything
but it makes you feel better
feels good to watch the glass
break into tiny pieces
watch the world around you
and crumble to your feet

Crumbling till there's nothing left
no buildings.
no support.
no one there
to witness.

To witness your break down
witness the salty water
drain from your face
creating the Sea of Agony
you now live in.

You half way hope
(and three quarters don't)
that someone will notice
will see you drowning
in your own sea

But you know that they won't
because on the surface
the seas are too calm.
the waves are too composed.
for anyone to suspect

Emotions never fix anything
so maybe
it's better to be an empty shell
drifting for eternity
in the sea
of your creation

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