Monday, June 20, 2011

The beginning of that book that I'm writing. I'm almost halfway done with almost all of it! :D

“The bunnies, the bunnies!” he sings to me.
“Can I eat them?” I question, my face merely inches, no millimeters, from his. 
“No, Fia” he whispers while brushing my hair from my eyes. “Time does not allow it.”
“Then, will you kiss me?” I say nervously, biting my lip.
“Time does not allow...” he trails off while his eyes fixed on something behind me. 
“Go! Run! Now!” he screams as he vanishes.

The thunder rolls across the sky, carrying thick, heavy rain that breaks in through my window, waking me to yet another torturous night, Startled by a banging window, I sit up in bed. My breath comes out harsh and shallow.

“The window” I breathe. 

Shakily, I climb out of bed and stumble over to my now soaked carpet just below the broken window. 

“Great. Now the stinkbugs will have a nice, damp environment.” I sigh.

I reach to close the window but then stop. There’s...something out in the rain. Barley noticeable, I squint to be sure, is a teenage boy with hair matted and tangled against his scalp. 

“Andrew?” My voice wavers, I clear it and shake my head.

I squinch my eyebrows in confusion just as the boy walks three more paces and then vanishes. Jerking backwards in shock, I slam the window down, loose my balance, spin around quickly, my ginger hair flying out of its loose ponytail, and promptly fall to the floor.

Well, that was graceful.

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