Thursday, June 9, 2011

If You Could Touch Air

Two poems today! :)

If You Could Touch Air

all you had to do
was gasp
for Air
and the magic within
it who gives Life

intangible things seem
to disappear so quickly
and sometimes you forget
they’re there

if you could touch
Air, what would
you say? if he could
hear you,
would you ask him
why he exists?

and Life? her, too.
she seems to be an
aloof character at times
and a lack of
oxygen befuddles
your mind

it’s clear, though
how much you love
and rely on them,
one and the same

isn’t each breath you
take or
don’t take
a decision?

but for every person
who calls Life a gift
and Air a necessity,
there will be another to
differ and dissent

“isn’t it strange to
think,” they’ll tell you, “that
in the end gifts and
necessities are removed from
your being
in one fell swoop?”

and so it is
that the things others will
beg you
to see are invisible and
only noticed when
taken away

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