Monday, June 13, 2011

It's the summer, I have no brain.

Train of thought . . . traaaaaaaaain of . . . what happens when your train of thought crashes? Writing about ranting. No. Ranting about writing. . .? Something. Jenna and Miranda are being distracting. This is going to be so difficult to do this summer. Maybe I should try and center my thoughts. Ok so I'm seeing my mind. Big and squishy. Being pushing onto a tiny dot. It's balancing. There, right . . . in . . . the center. See, now it's balanced! It's centered on . . . jolly ranchers. Or jello. Maybe both? The door monsters are coming and you're first prize. Should you die inside out or flee to the hills of the fresh beaten yesterday? You know, the problem with mixing this and that is that the that becomes this and the this becomes that and then there's no more this and that but rather that and this and that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how you write a paragraph.


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  1. ...if my opinion is relevant in this matter, I think it's centered on Jolly Jello.