Thursday, June 9, 2011


I apologize for my incompetency at this posting regulary business!


for a million days
she was sitting there
twirling a strand
of her tangled hair

not that a million
days could fit in
that moment—more
likely it was just
a minute

but who gets to s
ay how long a
heart stays frozen?

ice will thaw its
white, transparent
 cracked self, eventually

she had a theory
of a fiery heart
that once burned
with life

something could steal that
fire away
with the instant its
own fire went out

and so her flame
had turned into a
small kindle

it’s only as orange
as the setting sun

the setting sun that
trickles away holding
its light on the world
each second it can, until
it’s gone

for a million nights
sat there
twirling hair
dark night
heart ice


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