Monday, May 23, 2011

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Front door slams
Heavy hasty foot falls
Trudge through the hall
Home once more from starched office
Work day in day out
Clock never ceasing
Ticking away the seconds,
Beat by beat till the heat stops and adoration dies
Till time stops and in death do they part
Always in a rush
A race to the end
His voice demanding, his tone commanding, his precious
Is running out

Love is patient

Dark shadow of
Blue bruise sinks
Into her cheek
No matter, nothing she can’t cover
With little white lies and gentle dabs of blush and cream
Stupid girl, do you
Think you mean anything to him?
He already has everything he needs
Ice cold glass of hot liquor
In his harsh fist
Do you really think, stupid girl
That he strikes out of love?

Love is kind

Dirty socks gather dust
Dirty dishes fill the sink
She scowls dirty looks
into the back of his old arm chair
She hates that chair
asleep again
“Lazy man,” she mutters
Engrossed in his sports
Glowing crackling screen of advertisement and entertainment
Fat lazy dirty man
And look at this mess!

Love is not easily angered
It keeps no record of wrongs.

Drunk and staggering
He bumbles into the home again
Supported by his “friends”
Undressing her even now with hungry eyes
Forcing entry
Into house and home
Unwanted guests
Fearsome wolves of men
She is helpless, trapped
Her guardian, her father
Drowning in heavy draft of purchased happiness
Blissful drunken abandon
Free of responsibility, possessed by the bottle
Leaving her alone
Surrounded by ravenous wolves of men

Love always protects

Visiting her sister
Just off to see an old friend
She wouldn’t lie… not to me
My baby, why? Come back
Just tell me the truth
Behind the crumpled paper in your pocket
Black sharpie number
“Call me” <3
Ink bleeds as tears fall
Staining white hands

Love always trusts

Downhill… sputtering out…
Not worth it any more
Maybe her sister was right
Maybe he never will get that new job
Maybe it will only get worse from here
It can only get worse from here
He doesn’t care anymore
We can’t make this work

Love always hopes

The rain streaks down the window pane in tracks
Looking through the glass, they seem to leave
Shadows of tears on her dry cheeks
Twirling the small cold circle of gold
Around and around her finger
Dangling from the tip of her finger by a heartstring
Spin spin spin falls
Empty thud of metal
Echoes in the lonely dark

Love perseveres.

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