Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Sky

I once fell asleep 
to the beautiful red sky
as it’s dawn turned into darkness
and time passed by
My friend was there with me
with a smile on his bearded chin
as we drank and laugh
until our tiredness kicked in
It was calm and nice
being rocked side to side
falling asleep gently
moving with the tide
The next days were booming
work here and work there
“Raise the Mast!” they’d shout
to try and move with the air
Yet one morning was different
as awoke the sailor hoard
my friend came by screaming
Was there a man overboard?
We rushed to the deck
wondering what demise
but what I saw was better:
It was that same night sky
Though we stopped and stared
at the sky blood-red
I then realized
why we were filled with dread.
As quickly as the red
left and came back
the sky morphed before our eyes
to the dreaded color black
The gentle swaying motion
which was once so ever calm
began to rock us to intensely
just holding on callused your palm.
We ran on the deck
we ran to the bow
we ran to find others
but where was my friend now?
The lanterns shut out
the breeze rolled in
It was as if watching
the creation of hell begin
I turned to the left
I turned to the right
A board in my face
and suddenly gone: my sight.
- - -
I woke up the next morning
Right eye swollen, left eye sore
as I looked right below me
and saw my friend on the floor
Beer in one hand
Bloody board by his side
I realized his intentions
when I felt the water subside
The gentle motion returned
as we began to wake up
My friend saw me alive
and offered me his cup
So we drank, and we laughed
and made merry of this fright
As we saw land in the distance
and knew we’d be there by night.


  1. Okay so.....


    I love poems about the sea and sailors. (for some reason I thought Pirates but whatever)

    You did such a great job rhyming, it's unbelievable. The story you've created is beautiful. I love how you made the sea kind of like a real monster. GAH I just love all of it! Great job!

  2. Haha thanks Ashleigh! I tried to give it a swaying motion by rhyming only the 2nd and 4th lines.

    I actually got this idea from an old saying I heard, it goes:

    "Red sky morning, sailor's warning
    Red sky night, sailor's delight."

    Because a red sky at night means High Pressure is rolling in (No storms!)
    And a red sky at morning means High Pressure is going out (Incoming storms!)


  3. My dad (a sailor) says that every time the sky is red. Well, the 2nd and 4th lines rhymthing really worked!

  4. Hi there how are you?

    I was looking at your blog, and I like it and I want to invite you to visit my blog, and if you follow me, I will follow you. I hope to hear from you soon...


  5. What is cool? My poem, Ashleigh's father, or this random person who commented?

  6. Max, I felt like I had begun to read Homer--you did capture the rythm--loved, " once fell asleep
    to the beautiful red sky
    as its dawn turned into darkness
    and time passed by---" really beautifully said and beautiful imagery.
    Max--did that random person tag you on your web site--or ours?

  7. I have no connection to the random person who commented. . .

    And he tried to tag Riverside Young Riders, not me personally...

    Anyways - Thanks very much for the comment! (And the picture is my own)