Monday, May 16, 2011


Little traces left
Washed away by the rolling sea
But life was here
This life not mine.

And I wonder
Where these steps sprung
And I wonder
Where they might lead.

And I wonder
When we might meet.
And I wonder
When I will see.

The day I realize -
I need you
And you need me.


  1. The repetition of "wonder" is lovely :)

    Also, "I ned you and you need me" awww :(

    It's short but beautiful and I greatly approve of your amazingness.

    You make "love poems" of sorts seem very not cliche. More real or something... Does that make sense? haha

    Anywho, I loves! Write more! :)

  2. So agree with Haley..the "Little traces left" I can see--feel. Plus great use of a title--sets the whole poem up.

  3. I loved "but life was here/this life not mine" Really poigniant. Simple, short, and beautiful!

  4. :3 You guys so sweet. <3 Gracias.