Saturday, May 21, 2011

achieving that sleepy-eyed look.

so valuable
with the coffee and eyeliner and
metallic formulas
going into the efforts of aliveness
and appearing confident in such a way that
is less passively twisted, if possible

so vulnerable
the nights spent with the coffee
and the sitting in this chair, this
one right here
with the velvet brocade
the moon reflecting and blending
pale skin and ivory dressing gown into
a washed-out, drained pastel

the doe eyes
caught in headlights and alarm clocks
murmuring, sleight of hand, lashes dipping
into a cup of all the expectations
smudged views and tripping feet
signal the courage to do what
must be done

the signature
in highlight-like tangerine
and colours blend
when a tired mind tries
logic, that bane.
the look of the sleepless
the look of the successful
the look of the suffering.

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