Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Better than Best Friend

Your beauty blinds me
your kindness flatters me
your friendship comforts me

Look at me with different eyes
its ok to let you disguise
fall down show your affection
if you have any.
This might have all been a deception
Not on your part, but mine
A deception of my mind

It takes your beauty as attractiveness
your kindness as flirting
and your friendship as something more


  1. I know, I know. Rhyming = ew.

  2. Oh you totally stole my comment! :P

  3. Psssssh. I love rhyming! Either when it's sarcastic (like moi's) or when it adds meaning like you. :)

    See, what you did here CC, without your knowing it, is create a childish tone with the rhyming that makes the meaning of the poem more apparent, because obviously this girl/guy is too young/inexperience/naive/etc. to realize what "love"/etc. really is and a childish tone is perfect for it!

    SO what we learn - rhyming is good when we do it right.