Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Poem-a-Day Challenge, Day Four!
she’s always been the
wallflower, the
tulip type
standing with an air
of the hidden spring
joy next to the
baby blue walls

the windows are there, too
but she stands aside
by the forlorn, drooping curtains
the glass is see-through and
safe—like watching
an old time movie
in sepia
dark and growing

she tip-toes a
tad closer to the
screen and with
every ounce of courage
she can draw to her
mind and every
reasonable thought she can
push away
she slides open
the window

with timid glances
taken, she sends out
an unroughened hand
a bright canary
who seems to have
a broken wing

a shiver runs through
her spine as a wayward
traveling raindrop melts
on her icy, air-conditioned finger

it seems that her
soul has jumped
and continues to
       continues to
until a hearty laughing shock
of thunder shakes
her entire body
and she feels strengthened

the sounds keep coming
and her gentle heart takes to
the dense rhythm
as she climbs cautiously
through the window
            into the show
            out of safety

but the porch roof
plays shelter
and she’s still
a bit weak from
the sudden change in heartbeat
and soul

the water descends
with aggressive flowing
the kind she’s only
ever used with

the sounds push her
every which way until
the rain pounding the
pavement and the
thunder pounding her
heart convince
her to dance

with a flash her
world is no longer
sepia but
the full spectrum
of light

she leaps out from
her safe haven with
an open soul
and closed eyes into
the storm and
dares the lightning
to touch her

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