Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 (Redux of an old prompt of ours with a squid.)
They said he wasn't real-
                                      only real to me.

My squid -
                   my friend
                   the only one I had.

He talked about the sea-
                                      he invited me to see.
He said it was pretty.

Squid forgot that I can't swim.
But Squid said,
I could
            if I tried.

I tried so hard.

I jump
           and wait.
They pull me up.

They ask me questions.
Who said
Who said 
Who said.

I told them Squid.

They whispered to my mommy
And she locked me in my room
Told me not to try that again.

But then she went away.
                                      And Squid came upstairs to play.

Want to go swimming?


  1. So I already commented on this ages ago (back when I brought in this fabulous prompt!) but just to say again,

    I love the child view point and how simplistic it sounds...those just may be the same thing...

    Also, the repetition of "Who said" is very nice, also showing just how a child (albiet and insane child) would view this situation.

    Me likes. You is be a good writer.

  2. Okay Jenna I love your squid--but just a question--how did you format that poem? I'm having the worse time posted my poems because I'm loosing my formats.

  3. This poem makes me smile...and it shouldn't, given the topic. But, I think it's because I can hear a little kid with an imaginary friend reading this, which is wonderful :) I love it, still! And Mrs. Fellinger, I think she may have used the button with the two arrows next to the "Q" on the keyboard...I think it's called "tab" but I might be wrong. :)

  4. Olivia is correct and thanks guys. :)