Sunday, May 29, 2011


Poem-a-Day Challenge, Day 5 (read: Olivia is really bad at this...)
there were dark eyes
like embers
or ashes
hidden underneath
the flames

and also a
kettle, silver and
smooth, when
she was calm,
as cool liquid
is for it rarely
makes a sound, even
upon descent

aromas of unquenched
tea bags kissed the
noses of the lucky
sweetly, and
soon embers were
flames with sleeping
water above

she was
trapped, contained
and utterly unable
to dance with danger
never close enough to
touch without a heart

and she was being
watched, unless
it was a mirage that
fell before her steam-clouded
watched by the flames
asking her to let go

was there anywhere to
go, but up?
warmth ignited everything
and each molecule
moved a thousand
times a minute
a liquid heartbeat
leap and pop
pluck then pop
pop, pop

frenzy, like
those days when
the sun could pierce to
your bone marrow
and a pool of
cool water
rested a foot away

sizzling ensued
boiling maybe
heat that emanated
from within and
from the outside
sang to her soul
a chance to take or
leave forever

she condensed her spirit
taught like a tether
and let the things that
didn’t matter ring a
cloud song to the world

the fire consumed her
as gravity
flipped and silently
she slid away

she allowed her heart to
pour downward into
a porcelain catcher
and at the first drop
of her soul everything
that happiness smells like
danced within and around her

free at last,
she was submerged in what the
flames had made her
and no longer
was she alone,
just her cup of


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