Sunday, May 15, 2011


What do you say when the moon cries,
when it screams out into the darkness?
The greatest man couldn't grasp the whole world
without the help of the ones at his feet.

But why should a lonely hand like the moon
have to hold and cradle the oceans?
We wouldn't leave a lost child out on their own
to bear a whole nation's burden.

(More of a concept or a writing exercise than anything else.)


  1. I like the personification of the moon, especially it screaming into the darkness. I don't know why but the image of the moon screaming just seems so surreal and kind of amazing I suppose...

    I need to come up with a word for personification!

    Anyway, I liked it a lot. Cradle the oceans was a good image as well (yay)

    The End.

  2. Oh and the last two sentences are a nice comparison to the moon and what not.

    Question: What's a writing exercise? As compared to writing that isn't an exercise?

  3. I really like the reference to the moon. Very beautiful. And the hidden message is so strong! Love it!

  4. A writing exercise is something that I force myself to do to stimulate creativity.

  5. James--Wow, loved, "But why should a lonely hand like the moon
    have to hold and cradle the oceans?" Typically, I'm not a fan of questions (note it is not a rhetorical question). But your question--really strikes a cord.

  6. Yeah, it's not rhetorical, but the question is answered.