Friday, May 27, 2011


Rain falls down on the footpath
while thunder rocks the ground with its roar.
A light turns to shadow behind the window of a house
to hide the fact that someone's still home.

Water taps gently on the front door
and silence screams “nobody's here.”
Lightning flashes all through the yard
and lights a pair of eyes behind the glass.

She waits alone behind a curtain's shroud
and burns like the stars above the clouds.
Yet like nobody sees the sky tonight,
nobody will see her.

In her mind stirs a troubled, frightened dream
that can only hide, but hopes to be free.
The gray of the clouds reflects the walls
and the prison-like aura they've always held.

The thunder subsides as silence returns,
and words in her mind speak aloud
to remind her that she'll never be free,
but from the freedom to escape.

But when they speak, she understands
that for words to win, they must be heard.
And she earned her freedom when she cast them from her mind.

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