Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too bad I lied to you about it

Sunshine is blinding us.
We squint, 
smiling in the glow
of each other’s glorious 
silver and purple spilled auras. 
Giddy with emotion,
we talk of random things
like the beauty of thunder,
and F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Suddenly, the skies darken
and a torrential fit of rain
begins pouring down
over our heads.
Thinking the day is ruined,
I am surprised to see you grinning.
You stand and reach out your hand
towards me.
Bowing, you say,
“May I have this dance?”
I laugh and grab your hand.
Pulling myself up, I hang my head back with laughter as you kiss my hand.
Who says chivalry is dead?

We spin and skip
soaking in the giddy rain.
I glance over at your face
and you grin broadly back at me,
opening your arms.
I run gleefully into them,
smiling as our clothing
becomes one with our skin
as the rain pours down harder.

in one swift, sweeping motion
you fade away
to leave me stunned,
silently screaming 
to the dangerously thick rain.

Eyes open,
surroundings taken in,
and I realize that
it was only a dream.
I sigh and turn my body over
only to see your sleeping face
inches from mine.
I gasp and your eyes snap open.

“What’s wrong?”
“I-you’re here.” I whisper.
You smile,
brilliantly as usual.
“You looked cold, so I came over”
I laugh,
now noticing your arm 
draped over my waist.
I glance around 
at the rest of the snoring room,
laughing silently.

You slowly fall back asleep
and I watch your breath
filling up the air around me
and I can’t help but wish,
in the most cliche way that I can,
that time could stop,
just for this moment.


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