Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today, what are you?

Early morning
The sun isn’t even up
Eyes crack open
Clock starts with a 5.
Eat something healthy
Energy for today
For today
Is the day
Today is
THE day
Everything about today fights against you
The sun drains the living life out of your soul
The air itself dries every breath
Leaving you gasping
And somehow, there’s serenity
For it doesn’t matter 
Who’s there
What the weather is
How you felt earlier
What matters now
Is what you do with today
Others laugh
All strong and muscular
Talk of their achievements intensify the atmosphere
Yet there you are 
Feel the sun dry your blood
the blood gush out your legs
your stomach cringe in pain
the sweat steam off of your face
your hands burned to a crisp
And Most importantly
Make everybody wish
They were you
Because with everything against you
You made it
It doesn’t matter
Their tales of glory
and victory
and pride
what matters today
is yours.
Stand up
Head held high.
You’re a Winner.

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