Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well. Nothing like being the first to post. Oh dear.

Anyway, Day 1 poem - a "reexamination" of the Little Mermaid, my most recent assignment for creative writing class.
There's a little bit of the original Hans Christian Andersen story rather than the Disney version.

In the deep sea, sound is void, light is absent,
I seem to be the only one,
Occupied only in the company of none,

The waves crash together dancing, back and forth,
Transient, frigid, eternally breaking floors.
Up above, the boats yet pass
Unaware as I lie beneath.

I swim higher,
Closer yet.
I see him now.
I see him not.

Alone again…

The stars are festive, twinkling without care,
Up above, they sit merrily,
They are combs, and the darkness their hair.

Casting a vague silver,
The moon continues worrying, looking down.
Asking me a question, asking with a frown.

I wonder to myself, I wonder now.

Hopefully, someday, I can join them.
Possibly, in a little while.
Maybe, just a little bit longer.
Surely, after this life.
I swear, forever,

Immortality is strife.


  1. THE LITTLE MERMAID! I haven't even started reading the poem yet and I already love it :D

    After actually reading poem: Eep, eep, eep, eep! I still love it! Ok, breathe Haley.

    So, lines that I just might marry:

    Immortality is strife.

    I wonder to myself, I wonder now.

    Casting a vague silver,

    The moon continues worrying, looking down.

    I absolutely adore the moon being personified in any way shape or form so whoot!

    A vague silver is such a pretty image (yay)

    the repetition of "wonder" makes me shmile,

    and the last line is very impacting.

    Love, love, love.

    The moon worrying is such a cool idea. I wonder what that would even look like...I miss your writing so much!


  2. AGain, Ditto--but to note--your humor seems to emerge in almost everything you write--and the humor usually arrives because of the irony you create. Great mind. Great poem.