Saturday, May 28, 2011

Absolutely Perfect

The writing club prompt was:  It's pouring.  Include a ring-pop
I got the ring... pop in there.   ;)  comments please?!
May 28, 2011

The rain is pouring down, tickling the window sill and trickling down the glass.  Lightning flashes and the soft figure laying next to him stirs softly, mumbling in her sleep.  Leaning down in the darkness, he lightly brushes the hair aside from her sleeping face, a gentle angel at his side.  Running a finger down her cheek he smiles remembering that night so long ago, that fateful day in the rain…

He had planned it out for months, running down every rough detail into smooth pebbles in his mind.  He wanted to make sure everything was absolutely perfect.  Nothing less than that would do.  

A creased and wrinkled piece of paper, read over so many times, lay on the passenger seat of the car, a letter she had written to him years ago.  Just a glance at the little folded treasure fills his stomach with purple butterflies and tugs at the corners of his mouth, drawing his lips back into an excited, idiotic grin.  He smiles all the way down her street, pulling up her driveway and hiding the letter and a small blue box away in his pocket, tucked into his heart.    

She looks absolutely perfect, as always.   Her face fills the window, his reflection staring back right next to her sweet face.  I don’t belong next to that face!  She’s an angel, look at that smile!  I’m nothing.   He rolls down the reflection and forces a smile to his face.  Fear of rejection floods over him.  Why would she choose me?  Why on Earth would she say yes… how could she lo—

Her crooked smile leans down through the open window and kisses his worry-wrinkled forehead, banishing the questions from his mind.   The simple act shatters the iron grip of panic and sets those butterflies free once more.    Before he can open the door she has already skipped around to the other side and jumped in beside him.  A single strand of twisting hair tickles her cheek and he gently guides it back into place behind her ear.  A rosy blush dances across her smile, a laugh escaping from her heart and floating on the air.   God, it’s great to hear her laugh again, to have her beside him—to be together again.  They pull down the drive and race away, sealed with a song on the radio and wrapped up in smiles.

The afternoon passes by in a blur, time whirling by along with the rest of the world.  Everything had gone according to plan, nothing less than absolutely—


No… no no no no this can’t be happening.  Not now!

His spirits wash away with the driving rain, all his plans bleeding like paints on a canvas, dripping in brilliant colors and splashing on the ground.   He turns to his love to apologize and take her home.  But to his surprise, she takes his hands in hers and laughing begins to pull him to his feet, running hand in hand down the empty street in the rain.  While everyone else races to cover they stand and dance, dance in the rain.  His disappointment melts into sweet puddles, dripping off his nose as he pulls her close.  They move to the beat of their own bass drum, a melody only they can hear, in perfect time with each other's heartbeats.

  He smiles as their gaze meets in her eyes, pools of crystal full of life and love, hair drenched and limp, clothes soaked, make-up smeared.  Yup.  She’s the one.  She’s absolutely perfect.  

He digs his hand into his pocket
Drops his knee down into a three inch puddle
Pulls out a ring—pops the question

A flash of lightning retrieves him from his soggy memories… back from that day in the pouring rain, back from the beginning, back to his love.  He leans down and kisses her softly on her forehead.  Together through it all, braving the rain, dancing in the storm.  Together, absolutely perfect.

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  1. ahHA :D I love this so much! I wish I could critique your writing but it's just so..AWESOME! That and I'm functioning on 2 hours of sleep...but also because it's awesome :) I loved it and I was engaged the entire time ^-^