Sunday, May 29, 2011

What a crazy random happenstance

69th post, oh yeah. I feel like I've achieved greatness.

A glance from this person may cause:
swooping sensation in the stomach,
unnatural giggles,
frequent, matched glances in class,
spontaneous flirting,
increased heart beat,
dizzying of the mind,
singing of love your room,
constant daydreaming,
over increased amount of smiling, 
and a general giddiness.

If you exhibit these signs you have
what is known as a “crush”
There is no cure.
Good luck.



  1. 1. Were you just pressing 'enter at random times again? Because it is fabulous!
    2. This belongs in one of those chicken noodle soup for the soul books.
    3. It was good, I liked it :)
    Finally, 4. (<= alliteration!) unless blogger is lying to me again, this is the 69th post.

  2. Woah, it totally is now! It was the 70th for the past few days..weird! o.O

    And thanks, I try my hardest to think in the ways that normal teenage girls do ;)

  3. IIIIIIIIIIIIII could say something, dearie, but you'd hurt me :)