Friday, May 27, 2011

Imagination comes at a cost

Is it true that
not only recognition 
but encouragement as well
is necessary
for creativity to be considered

Perhaps the hand that screams
for hungry god
is really just a sharp stab
from a pencil.
Maybe that soul bleaching
headless bowl of whipped cream
is actually shampoo.
So, reasonably, the shark swimming
in a neon sea of bloodless paper
probably isn’t so.

Nothing is truly creative
unless the peers and publishers
glare through the sharp lensed 
microscopes and decide.
Anything deemed uncreative
such as the flying daffodil trees
or elephants with glowing 
pinwheel trunks
is discarded.
Thrown away into 
the growing, invisible landfills
of imagination
and inspiration. 

Now dead and gone
all because 
they said so.


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