Monday, May 23, 2011

Trains of Thought

A poem a day
one a day
melts onto your tongue
tingling and rough
in and out
I stick my tongue out at you
because you deserve 
to be wiped from the earth.
Quick motion
to a door in the 
leafy green bush 
under a tear screamed 
picture frame.
It contains all of the world,
dripping the devil
into a puddle under the legs
of a deep sea swimmer. 
just keep swimming...
and it goes on and on and on
Energizer bunny,
hoppity hop hop
don’t drown in the devil,
s’il vous plait. 
Giant orangoutang flavored CD cases
confused confuzzled configuration
Wingardium leviosa.
Osa not leviosA
dumb butt
mohawk diaper
in danger
of a terribly uncomfortable 
But wait.
what what?
what what what?
oh dear, if could it go on forever...
did not 
I wonder if it’s chronic
how can someone’s breath
even smell that putrid?
poor goofy freshman.
I get the impression
that you’re too big for your body
but maybe that’s just my bias.
you know he really is 
an amazing creature.
can’t begin to comprehend.
your laugh is infectious
but we know you’re lying.
and then BAM
the end of a lifetime
severed by the icy cold knife
of reality.
With out oxygen 
there can be no love.
Or maybe it’s 
the other way around.
There is no spoon.
There we go. 
There is the sliver lining.
Sliver? Silver?
Silence is gold tape,
betcha didn’t know that.
Maybe I should stop thinking.


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